In today’s competitive market, the first commandment is to LOVE THY CUSTOMER! Sought-after corporate trainers and speakers, Dr. Rick Kirschner and Dr. Rick Brinkman, bring their trademark style and innovative approach to winning over even the most challenging customers in their new book LOVE THY CUSTOMER (McGraw-Hill, October 2005; Hardcover; $18.95).

These authors provide a simple training program that helps business owners and managers get their employees on the same page for service success and long term growth. Customers will feel valued and cared for as readers discover the power of their actions and words. 

LOVE THY CUSTOMER service doesn’t cost money to implement, yet delivers dramatic results.


Introduction: Honor Thy Customer

Chap 1: Understand thy Customer

Chap 2: Welcome thy Customer

Chap 3: Heal thy Customer

Chap 4: Educate thy Customer

Chap 5: Solve thy Customer’s problems

Chap 6: Advocate for thy Customer

Chap 7: Love Thyself


Overview: Empower Thyself

Chap 8: Pushy and Demanding

Chap 9: Temper Tantrums

Chap 10: Knowledge and the Lack Thereof

Chap 11: Helplessly Hoping

Chap 12: Covert Operation

Chap 13: Vague and Unresolved

Chap 14: All or Nothing